BonzayRTS: Starcraft clone

BonzayRTS is built from the result of InfBonzay's year-long efforts starting in 1999. He did all the required reverse-engineering to build a C GUI incorporating all of Starcraft functionality. BonzayRTS will provide the framework upon which "FreeCraft" (as it was known at the time) will be re-implemented.

Current status of Starcraft clone:

  • Game negotiation: LAN functional
  • UI: Terrain loads
  • UI: Viewport functional
  • UI: Minimap functional
  • UI: Single selection unit status: functional
  • UI: Unit sounds: functional
  • UI: enable damaged buildings' effects
  • Game Engine: implement basic commands (move, patrol, harvest)


  • Game Engine: provide Pathfinder support
  • Game Engine + UI: implement manufacturing of buildings
  • Game Engine + UI: implement manufacturing of units
  • Game Engine + UI: Add TechTree
  • Game Engine + UI: make sure Starcraft units behave properly (building lift-off, Zerg morphing, etc.)
  • Game Engine: implement group movement
  • UI: enable minimap effects and sound alerts for game events
  • Game Engine: implement attacks and damage
  • Game Engine: implement spells